Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Black wednesday - harddisk crash

Oh no, my harddisk crashed! Everything I have done the last month is gone...Everything I have bought and downloaded the last month is gone...
Thank God I took a back-up of everything important a month ago.
Why didn't I do that yesterday?
This hurts, it really does.
What a sad, sad day...

I bought this damn harddisk only six months ago. A harddisk shouldn't crash after such a short time. I am really, really pissed!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

CT by Chouk77

Chouk77 new kit "Chez Agatha" is now available in her store Scrapmalin. Here is the page I did with the kit:

Early spring

"Chez Agatha" by Chouk77

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CT by Jemima Design

Jemima Design has invited me to join her Creative team! Her kits are soft and beautiful. I couldn't resist, I had to join her team.

She was so cute that she let me choose which kit to start with. I chose "A touch of love", a soft kit in a romantic style. My first page:

A touch of love

“A touch of Love“ by Jemima Design

Monday, April 20, 2009

One kit call by Ashalee Wall

Yesterday I had fun playing with Ashalee Wall & Nicole Perry's new kit "Fairytales {willows}". It's a very beautiful kit. I love the waterfall paper and the lovely elements.

Princess of the wood

Best friends

Fairytales {willows} by Ashalee Wall & Nicole Perry

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CT by Kalina

Kalina has a new freebie on her blog, Ventana. Check it out, it's super. Here is my LO:

Slaves of Disney Channel

Ventana by Kalina

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One kit call by Dielle Design

I have been busy doing another one kit call, my second this week. From girlie to pirate!
Dielle Design let me play with her awesome new kit "TallShips Pirate kit". It is a really cool kit. I love the paper, it's fantastic.

Pirate life

Treasure hunt

“TallShips Pirate kit” by Dielle Design

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One kit call by Lorilei Murphy

The digi world if full of beautiful kits and talented designers.
I use to check the "one kit call" adds. If I notice a kit I would like to work with, I apply. It amaze me how often I get the chance to work with a certain kit. I love doing "one kit calls" so that is just fabulous . It is nice to work with different designers.

This week Lorilei Murphy let me play with her new girlie kit "“FairyP”. It is pink, has glitter and soft elements. I love glitter! Just perfect for a princess.
My first LO didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I made a second one. Here are both of them:

My little flower princess


“FairyP” by Lorilei Murphy

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Daily Scrapper

I just read issue 7 of "The Daily Scrapper" and discovered that my layout "Spring Feelings" was highlighted in the "What a Scrap" section. I remember sending in a LO a while ago, but didn't expect to be selected. This really made my day!

CT & Guest call competition

Noshay Designs are looking for some new members to her CT and some guest for the next months. She wants the applicants to enclose a LO created with her new freebie "Par Amour".
I couldn't resist the challenge as I am more creative under pressure!
Yesterday evening/night I spent the time on my computer creating a LO. I was so inspired that I ended up creating two LO's.

Fly me high

Spring Picnic

Par Amour by Noshay Designs (freebie)

Freebie obsession

I read this interesting article about freebie obsession in the April issue of DSTInsider.

"Here are a few symptoms of ‘Freebie Obsession’
that I have, er um, I mean that I have noticed in many others. If any of the following ring true for you, please call your doctor and have him prescribe the highest legal dosage of ‘Take-a- Break’ that you can afford:

* Your freebie folder on your hard drive is larger than your purchased kits folder
* Most of the freebies you download are still unzipped
* You download the same freebies you forgot you already had
* You have all the freebie sites and blogs bookmarked in your browser
* Google already knows what you’re going to search for before you even type it in
* You’ve become a pro at downloading multiple files at the same time
* Not only do you download freebies, you now create your own and share them
* You own stock in ‘4shared’
* It’s been months since you used a freebie on a layout, but you still collect them
* You’re excited about being the first to comment after you download
* Your hunt for freebies takes longer than scrapping a new layout
* You spend more time downloading than scrapping
* You now download all kinds of free stuff - not just scrapping things
* You’ve had to fight off viruses more than ever lately
* Your dreams include finding new online freebies and being the first one to get it
* You find are pickier about what you download now and only grab the ‘really great’ stuff

How did you score?If you can relate to more than 2 of the above, you are obsessed. The great news is that you are normal. Now, when is the last time you were told you were normal? It’s been a real long time? But that’s a different article."

You know you’re obsessed with freebies when... by Joy Kuoha April 2009

Reading this article made me realize what I already know, I am obsessed with freebies. My hard drive is full of freebies, which I rarely use. Since I have so much stuff it's difficult to find what I am looking for. Usually I scrap with my purchased kits instead. It's definitely time for a clean up.
Yesterday I started to clean up my hard drive and in no time I deleted 16 GB with freebies! Yes I did and it wasn't difficult at all. Now I only have to go through the rest of my freebies. When I checked it was over 200 GB! My purchased kits folder is nothing compared to my freebie folder, it's not even half that size.
When I first started digi scrapping, I downloaded almost everything I found. Lately I have become more selectiv, but I have to admit that I still spend too much time searching for freebies. I guess I am afraid that I will miss "the freebie".

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One kit call by ShesFullOfSrap

This weekend I have been playing with ShesFullOfSrap's new spring kit "Finally Spring". It's full of beautiful elements and papers. I ended up doing a landscape scene, although I had decided not to. It was so tempting thou, so I couldn't resist.

The first ice-cream

I made one version with green background just to see how it looked like. It looked fine, but I love blue so it had to be blue.

The first ice-cream,
green background

Finally Spring” by ShesFullOfSrap

Friday, April 10, 2009

CT and new LO's

I am so delighted and happy! I have some great news to share! Chouk77 has invited me to join her Creative Team! Of course I accepted. She makes wonderful kits. It will be a pleasure to be a member of her team and work with her.
The first kit she gave me to work with was "Zen attitude", a beautiful spring kit. It was so fun to work with so I ended up making 2 pages.

Butterfly girl

Be like the flower

“Zen attitude” by Chouk77

Thursday, April 9, 2009

RAK from Urban Mermaid Designs

Urban Mermaid Designs RAKed me with her beautiful spring kit "Fairy Dreams in the Spring ". This kit is full of fresh colours and beautiful elements. Thank you so much!
I have lost the count of how many spring kits I have, but there are always new kits tempting me...

The photo was taken in Portugal last summer. How I long for summer now!

Fairy dreams

“Fairy Dreams in the Spring”

New LO - Trip to the countryside

I have bought my first car! Of course this is not our first car, but it is MY first car. I decided to make a page to celebrate. My husband laught at me, but I don't care. I am just happy that I've finally got a new car.

Trip to the countryside
“Fairy Dreams in the Spring” by Urban Mermaid (paper)
”Green Earth” by Delmik Design (kit)
“SpringWonderland” by E-lena_Designs (bench)

Monday, April 6, 2009

One kit call by Kafrounette

I have been quite busy making LO's this weekend. Kafrounette was so kind to let me play with her wonderful new kit. I found just the perfect photo for my page. It was taken last May. This page really shows the beauty of spring.

A happy day

“My little world” by kafrounette

Guest CT for Stacey Towers

In February I was offered to do a guest spot for Stacey Towers in week 15. She makes beautiful and fun kits in sparkling colours . Every week she offers a freebie kit on her blog, so go ahead and check her blog.
Stacey, thanks for giving me this guest spot!
Lately I’ve mainly been doing “adventure/fairytale” LO’s, so this really was a challenge to me. I have to admit that I ended up using a template.

"Hip Chick" by Stacey's Scraps (kit)
“PencilLines_113” by Michelle Filo, Pencillines (template)

"Hip Chick" by Stacey's Scraps

Friday, April 3, 2009

One kit call by SAS Design

I have done another "One kit call"! I feel so lucky because all these great designers let me play with their wonderful kits! It is so much fun. I really feel privileged and I love making LO's with such beautiful kits!
This time I have played with SAS Designs new lovely kit “In the Mist”. Here is what I came up with.

Spring princesses

Magic spring

“In the Mist” by SAS Design

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One kit call by Scrapapat

Scrapapat let me play with her beautiful new kit "“Arc en ciel”. I love the fresh colours and the elements are wonderful. I made two pages with the kit in no time because it was so easy to play with. I found some old photo's to work with. A spring photo of the girls and a photo of our dear beloved dog who passed away some years ago. She was such a wonderful dog. We all loved her.
Spring Sign

Best friends

“Arc en ciel” by Scrapapat