Monday, April 13, 2009

Freebie obsession

I read this interesting article about freebie obsession in the April issue of DSTInsider.

"Here are a few symptoms of ‘Freebie Obsession’
that I have, er um, I mean that I have noticed in many others. If any of the following ring true for you, please call your doctor and have him prescribe the highest legal dosage of ‘Take-a- Break’ that you can afford:

* Your freebie folder on your hard drive is larger than your purchased kits folder
* Most of the freebies you download are still unzipped
* You download the same freebies you forgot you already had
* You have all the freebie sites and blogs bookmarked in your browser
* Google already knows what you’re going to search for before you even type it in
* You’ve become a pro at downloading multiple files at the same time
* Not only do you download freebies, you now create your own and share them
* You own stock in ‘4shared’
* It’s been months since you used a freebie on a layout, but you still collect them
* You’re excited about being the first to comment after you download
* Your hunt for freebies takes longer than scrapping a new layout
* You spend more time downloading than scrapping
* You now download all kinds of free stuff - not just scrapping things
* You’ve had to fight off viruses more than ever lately
* Your dreams include finding new online freebies and being the first one to get it
* You find are pickier about what you download now and only grab the ‘really great’ stuff

How did you score?If you can relate to more than 2 of the above, you are obsessed. The great news is that you are normal. Now, when is the last time you were told you were normal? It’s been a real long time? But that’s a different article."

You know you’re obsessed with freebies when... by Joy Kuoha April 2009

Reading this article made me realize what I already know, I am obsessed with freebies. My hard drive is full of freebies, which I rarely use. Since I have so much stuff it's difficult to find what I am looking for. Usually I scrap with my purchased kits instead. It's definitely time for a clean up.
Yesterday I started to clean up my hard drive and in no time I deleted 16 GB with freebies! Yes I did and it wasn't difficult at all. Now I only have to go through the rest of my freebies. When I checked it was over 200 GB! My purchased kits folder is nothing compared to my freebie folder, it's not even half that size.
When I first started digi scrapping, I downloaded almost everything I found. Lately I have become more selectiv, but I have to admit that I still spend too much time searching for freebies. I guess I am afraid that I will miss "the freebie".

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  1. Thanks for reading my article - it's great that you took action!