Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moms Kitchen by Crisdam Designs

Isabel has released an amazing kit "Moms Kitchen" which is an absolutely marvellous collection of beautiful cheery elements and papers, all in a superb palette with just the right mix to suit every kitchen, no matter what the colors of yours are…

Another thing, don't miss the sale going on at Gotta Pixel for the moment. Crisdam Designs and some other Gotta Pixel’s designers are having a huge sale until March 31 only! So go visit Isabel’s stores and stuck up!!

Kiss the cook
“Moms Kitchen” kit and labels by Crisdam Designs
“Brittany” font by Darcy Baldwin
Old Typewriter from Dafont



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black and blue by Paprika

Fantastic new kit "Black and blue" by Paprika. The kit is free until Mach 31th, so hurry up and get it while it's still for free.

“Black and blue” by Paprika

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project February by Crisdam Designs

Tuesday again and we know what happens on Tuesdays at Gotta Pixel, it's Pixel Tuesday! In case you didn't know, Pixel Tuesday means there are kits priced at $ 1 and $ 2. This week Isabel has the Project Februrary Kit for $ 2...Only TWO DOLLARS for a full kit...Don't miss it!

“Project February” by Crisdam Designs

“Project February” by Crisdam Designs

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Speed Scrap

Last week I joined my first Speed Scrap at Gotta Pixel. It was so much fun so I had to do it again this week, although it's kind of late happening at 1PM. I guess this might be my next addiction... Speed Scrap every Friday...
After the Speed Scrap was done, I created my page after the following directions:

Step #1 - Choose at least two papers for your background, layer them.
Step #2 - Choose 2-6 photos, frame at least 1 of them and place on the page.
Step #3 - Add 1 paper mat (square or rectangle) and at least 2 paper circles beneath the photos.
Step #4 - Add something tall & something short.
Step #5 - Add something that makes you smile.
Step #6 - Add some type of premade wordart to your page.
Step #7 - Add any additional elements, shadows, etc that you would like to include.

Just another day in Paradise
“Love without end” by Connie Prince
“The sweetest thing” leaf by Connie Prince
“Got game” staple by Connie Prince
Wordart by Sabrina’s Creations

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Delicacy by Paprika & Aurelie

Fantastic new collab "Delicacy" by Paprika & Aurelie. I really love the colour scheme in this kit and I love how my page turned out.

I love you
“Delicacy” by Paprika & Aurelie

“Delicacy” by Paprika & Aurelie

“Delicacy” bundle by Paprika & Aurelie

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sakura's Dream Charity kit for Japan

Because life is beautiful
so fragile and we must preserve
To make tomorrow better than yesterday
Stand united and give us your hand.
So that life can continue in these hard moments,
let us show brotherhood, solidarity and generosity,
thus rises to the sun again and that Japan is recovering.

12 designers at Digital-Créa gathered together
all stand together to create this charity kit for Japan
( Manue Designs, Fanette, Bellisae, Angel, Paprika, Thaliris, Dydyge,
Laurence Designs, Mel Designs, Chouk777, Albina, Celine Designs )

The official preliminary reports of 7653 confirmed dead,
11,746 missing and identified thousands of wounded.
After the 5 million homes without power initially,
are still two million households are without electricity and
a million and half are still without drinking water.
Damage to generate nuclear power plant in Fukushima
concern about a possible nuclear accident serious.

Because tomorrow is not ours and we
are not immune to anything in solidarity
Think about all those families who have nothing
have lost their homes, children, husband, wife, or simply loved ones.
Make this gift for a country that has lost all
show that we are all bound to face these trials
What we reap will be a contribution in a Ocean gift,
which we know will help this population.

The entire team of digital creative thank you in advance for your generosity.

All donations collected will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Sakura's Dream" Charity kit for Japan

Sakura's Dream" Album Charity kit for Japan

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speed Scrap

Yesterday I joined my first Speed Scrap. It was so much fun although I got nothing done besides chatting. It was nice to chat with other digi scrappers, as I don't know any digi scrappers in the real world. I would love to do it again, if I ever figure out the time difference.
I don't understand why they call it a speed scrap thou, because after the chat I spent 3 hours creating my page after the following directions:

step 1: 3 photos
step 2: 3 background papers stacked (can tilt if desired)
step 3: 3 buttons
step 4: 3 ribbons, rickrack, or strings --- has to be 3 of the same thing
step 5: 3 flowers
step 6: 3 additional papers (can be photo mats or cutouts, etc...)
step 7: shadow and add a 3 word title and 3 lines of journaling!
You may add anything else to your layout but it must be in sets of 3's (3 leaves, 3 hearts, etc...)

You are my sunshine
“You are my sunshine” by Connie Prince
“The sweetest thing” paper by Connie Prince
“Got game” staple by Connie Prince
“Brittany” font by Darcy Baldwin

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Swan Lake by Siamese Studio

Not far from your imagination exists a shimmering place for your quiet thoughts and beautiful memories. Come dance among the stardust and tulle-draped dreams found at Swan Lake. It’s the perfect place for your favorite little girl photos and all that is dear to little girls now grown up.

Love you til the end of time
“Swan Lake” by Siamese Studio

“Swan Lake” by Siamese Studio

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Urban Chic by Creations by Rachel

Urban Chic is where city grunge meets modern girl. Lots of metal and doodles mixed with bling and technology. If you know a girl that loves her Chucks, she will definitely love seeing layouts of herself done using this kit.

Skater Girl
“Urban Chic” by Creations by Rachel
“New Year's In” Alpha by Traci Reed

“Urban Chic” by Creations by Rachel

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Expecting by Crisdam Designs

Today it's Tuesday & that means it's time to roll out the Dollar Day goodies at Gotta Pixel! Crisdam Designs has put her gorgeous pregnancy themed kit "Expecting" on sale for you this time! Don't miss it, it's yours for only $2.

Sweet beginnings
“Expecting” the bundle by Crisdam Designs
“Brittany” by Darcy Baldwin
Mom´s Typewriter from Dafont

“Expecting” the bundle by Crisdam Designs

Blog makeover

This is something I have thought about for a long time and finally I have done something about it. I did a blog makeover. Well, actually it is May from Siamese Studio who has done the blog makeover. She is such a sweetheart, she offered to do it and I am so happy about the result. I got to pick the kit and she did the rest. I love my new blogwear!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bugs and Slugs by Creations by Rachel & Mye De Leon

Check out this cute and fun kit “Bugs and Slugs” by Creations by Rachel & Mye De Leon. The possibilities with this kit is endless.

Garden Friends
“Bugs and Slugs” by Creations by Rachel & Mye De Leon
Mom´s Typewriter from Dafont
Tuesday Template by Inspirations from Day

“Bugs and Slugs” by Creations by Rachel & Mye De Leon

Monday, March 7, 2011

Douce Reverie by Paprika

I love creating fantasy pages. That is how I started my digi scrapping experience. I still buy those kits because I'm hooked although I rarely make fantasy pages anymore. I love going thru galleries, so much beauty. Some of those layouts are really amazing! Digital Crea is and have always been my favourite shop for fantasy kits. I love that store! The designers over there are fantastic.

This month Paprika has given me the opportunity to play with her fabulous creations. I am thrilled that she gave me this opportunity. Paprika realeased her stunning new kit “Douce Reverie” today and I got a GSO at Digishoptalk. Wow, that felt so good!

Douce Reverie by Paprika

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project March by Crisdam Designs

With March here, dreams of Spring are in the air! Flowers just beginning to send up shoots, windy days perfect for kite flying, St. Patrick’s Day… Project March is a beautiful and incredibly versatile kit to scrap all your March memories.
This marvelous products are 30% off until Monday only! and if you purchase the kit, you’ll get the matching alpha pack for free, offer valid until March 10th.

Free like a bird
Project March” kit and alpha by Crisdam Designs
“Harvest Spice” staples by Crisdam Designs
Mom´s Typewriter from Dafont

“Project March” kit by Crisdam Designs

“Project March” alpha by Crisdam Designs

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Moment by Creations by Rachel

March is here already. I am so ready for spring. This month I am so lucky to guest CT for two fantastic designers with very different style. This is going to be a fabulous month.

First up is Creations by Rachel, a designer which I have admired for so long. I totally love her stuff. This is so going to be a fabulous month!

The first kit I played with was Rachel's "Everyday moments". A kit that I already had on my harddisk. I did say I love Rachels stuff, didn't I?

Everyday moments are the moments that make up a lifetime. Somehow we manage to forget those everyday moments as time goes by, remembering mostly the special occasions. But the time you spend with your spouse, kids, extended family and friends day to day are the times that shape our relationships and define who we are. So right this moment decide to scrap about those life moments - the cup of coffee with a friend, the stroll through the park with your significant other or the tickle-fest with your kids!

Make the most of this moment
“This Moment” by Creations by Rachel

“This Moment” by Creations by Rachel