Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer fields collab by Digiscrapbooking

Beautiful summer kit "Summer fields" collab by Digiscrapbooking. The kit is available at Thedailyscrapper



"Summer fields" collab by Digiscrapbooking


  1. I really love your work, Judith! Do you find photos to fit the layouts or do you have layouts that you love and try to take a picture of your girls that fits?

  2. Usually I make a layout first and then I find a photo that fits. I take a lot of photo's! Sometimes I can't find a photo that fits and then I have to take a photo to make it fit.
    I feel it's kind of cheating thou, so I try to avoid it.
    I checked my LO's and as far as I know I have done it three times. Guess which?