Sunday, May 17, 2009

National day

Today is our national day! Hurrah!
I created this page as a trubute to this day.

Our National Day is celebrated with local processions where music band and school children march together while waving with their flags. It is also a popular holiday where young and old, many dressed in national costume, gather outside in good or bad weather, to see the processions.
The day is characterized by the cheer from the marching children, the sound of rattles, toy trumpets, klaxon, marches and band music.

After the procession, it is common to arrange games for the children at the local schools. Activities include sack race, potato race, tricycle race, egg race, and similar. Usually the children get free gains for participation. It is sale of ice cream, hot dogs and cakes on campus. School yards and establishments are decorated with birch, tabs and flags.

The constitution day is often called "Children's Day".


“SpringFlingsandEasterThings” by NLD (kit)
“Spring Wonderland” by e-lena Designs (bench/gras/white flowers)
“ Colors of sea” by DitaB (blue flowers)

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