Sunday, March 18, 2012

Always remember

I love beautiful paper. I have lots and lots of unused paper and paperpacks among my cardmaking stuff. Before I discovered digiscrapping I had a short period of cardmaking. I enjoyed making cards, but most of all I loved to buy cardmaking stuff. Particular paper, flower paper, glitter paper, pastel paper, funny paper, princess paper, you name it. Still I buy paper if I stumble into something I can't resist. I love paper, I just don't like to cut the paper in pieces. That is why I love digiscrapping so much. I can cut the paper in pieces again and again, and still I get to keep the beautiful paper uncut. Studio Blagovesta makes the most beautiful paper. I couldn't resist making a second page with her kit "Daydream". The paper is just gorgeous.

Always remember
Daydream by Studio Blagovesta
Gimme Layers Lite Template Bundle Vol. 3 by Cluster Queen Creations
Joan font by Darcy Baldwin
Poem by Kaitlyn Kennedy

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