Friday, October 29, 2010

Project 365 template Week 43

It has been a long and hard week. So glad it is finally Friday. I am not going to do much else this weekend than to relax and scrap a couple of pages. Light some candles and finish this exciting book I started reading the other day and maybe even read a second book.

Soon it's time to start the Christmas preparations. The shops have already started. It's to early for me so I'll wait at least a couple of days until we reach November.

It's time for another template, the final for October. Two more months and then we are done!

(Link no longer valid)


  1. Aww I just love your templates and have never had a problem with downloading them until now I can't get 4shared to download when it counts down and I click on download it starts counting over again and again and again. Help!!!

  2. That is odd! I just tested the link and it works fine. Please try again.

  3.'s not working for me, either...

  4. it works! Thank you so much. (P.S. I tried a BUNCH of times last night, cleaned out my history, etc. - just glad it worked today.)