Saturday, October 2, 2010

What A Pear by Crisdam Designs

Fabulous news, I'm joining Crisdam Designs CT!
During the Autumn my creativity have bloomed and I have created a lot of new LO's. I have participated in a couple of challanges, which are really fun. I have to do that more often.
Like I mentioned before, somehow it seems like I scrap best under pressure. No pressure, no scrapping. If I don't have a deadline/kit to work with, I tend to hang around in the forums and galleries looking for inspiration or go looking for new kits to buy.
To increase my creativity I have applied for a couple of CT calls. Now it seems like I have been more lucky with my applications than I expected. I have been accepted in two new teams. One of them is Crisdam Designs. I am so happy about it!

“What A Pear” by Crisdam Designs
“Template freebie” by Manda's Scrappin Creations
“Lizzy Fizzed-out” font by Darcy Baldwin

“What A Pear” by Crisdam Designs

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