Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Oh man! What a week!
I have been working away from home the whole week. It turned out to be one of those troublesome weeks at work and of top of that a longlasting headache has been bothering me. I was hoping to catch the Thursday flight back home. But I forgot to book in time, the plane was full so I didn't get back home before Friday afternoon.
When I started my laptop in the evening, I managed to read a couple of e-mails before the damn thing froze and denied to restart. I tried like 10 times. Nothing. My husband did his stuff. He used to fix computers in his spare time. No matter what he tried, it wouldn't respond. The harddrive is totally dead. Again!!! The same thing happened about a year ago. With the same laptop. I was without my laptop for 2 MONTHS and when I finally got it back it didn't even work. We bought a new harddrive and my husband replaced the old one and it worked fine until now. The laptop is only 2 years old, but I have had it. It is now GARBAGE!! I dumped it!
I have been afraid this might would happen again, so I have been looking for a replacement, but couldn't decide which one to buy. This forced me to take a decision and I bought a new laptop just in time before the shop closed on Friday. This weekend I have been busy installing stuff and restoring my backups. My last backup was done about a month ago, so I didn't loose that much. But a month is a month and I hate to loose stuff.

You know, I had to get me a new laptop right away because I couldn't stand being without my laptop and access to the scrap community a whole weekend. That is probably NOT a healthy sign.

Installing and restoring is boring so I had to take a break and scrap something. While I looked through my old albums to find some museum photo's I knew where hiding in there somewhere, I came over this one. It brought back some good memories and I decided to scrap a page about it.

Explore Exhibits by Jady Day Studio & Meghan Mullens
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